January 23, 2016

Sea breeze.

Not sure why but past few days, I think a lot about my childhood I spent in Kuantan. Even though I couldn't remember much but I'm glad I'm still able to memorize some of it. The good ones, even the bad ones.

Living in East Coast, we did spent much time by the shore. The salty-scented sea breeze is my favourite, until now. But I was afraid of the waves. I love the beach, but not the waves. I still remember that one time we stopped by the beach on one evening, after we were done with shopping. There was no extra clothes. I was small during that time, the waves were too strong for me. I was afraid that I'm gonna fall and wet my clothes. I held my brother's hand tightly but unfortunately, he let go of my hands, immediately I fell into the salty water. I tried to get back on my feet multiple times, but as I said before, the waves are too strong for me. I kept falling, and falling, and falling.

I started crying. My mother came and take me away from the water. On our way back home, of course I couldn't sit on the seat. So my mother asked me to just sit on her laps. With my wet clothes on.


Thank you mother, for always making me feel better. You are like an angel from heaven but I have disappoint you in so many ways. I'm sorry.

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