February 11, 2016

Odd peculiarities.

My body starts showing bones but I don't feel any skinnier than before. I actually challenge myself to get the body I dreamt of, in two months time. Wish me luck.

The person I used to hate so much before is the person whom I feel most comfortable to share stories with. My circles are getting smaller. Some are getting married or already married. Some just found new bunch of friends and left me to be alone in the ship. 

Most of my ex-college mates are getting married. Sometimes I feel like I want to fast forward this phase in my life and the other times, I think I'll just wait for the suitable time to come.

Started to enjoy looking at myself wearing dresses/skirts in the mirror, but definitely won't wear them at current workplace. I miss my previous office with the almost-formal-environment. 

Been planning and imagining on how to decorate my future house because my current crib is a mess. As messy as a shipwreck. Just can't wait to live in my very own house.

I need a long holiday even though I know my probation period hasn't ended yet. I'm exhausted. Help.

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