February 04, 2016

Blended in.

So I told my manager, this one fella over here always avoids from writing his destination and purpose of going anywhere in the In/Out log book. He always said he already informed the big boss of where he's going and all. 

And my manager goes like, "kau dah bagitau bos pun kau still kena ikut rules. orang suruh tulis tu tulis jelah. Aku manager pun aku tulis la sial."

That "sial" that came out from her mouth sounds very pissed off with that fella. But that "sial" also made my morning! Hahaha. Just within a month and I already blended in this new place. It's not that hard to be a chameleon. You just need to evaluate your surrounding and make decisions through it.

Two months to go until my probation period come to an end. And one day to go to my very first 2016 extended weekend!

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