October 18, 2016

"So how was it?"

You know you're married when people can't stop relating everything to sex. 

"congrats! and good luck for tonight!" right after akad. 

"haiiiiii, selamat pengantin baru? so how was it?" when you came back to work after the wedding holidays.

"hey pengantin baru! dah ke belum?" when you bumped into your friends everyelsewhere.

"awalnya tidur? tidur ke buat apa tu?" when you didn't respond on whatsapp chats.

seriouly people? marriage is all about sex ke apa? 

and it kinda stressful when we newly-weds can't even mention we're;
-lack of sleep
because anyhow, people will relate all that to sex.

seriously, people? i'm not mad, it's just funny and i'm not feeling ok with it.

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