November 03, 2016

something inside

it's odd how other married couples (referring to my friends on socmed) always updates about their married life. alright, it is not odd that they did that, but I'm odd because I can never do all that.

E.g :  1) updating about 1st/2nd/3rd (and so on....) monthsary.
         2) updating about what the wives are cooking for their husbands.
         3) updating about where they are going, for almost all the time.
         4) updating sweet words/sweet conversation between them.
         5) updating the never-ending appreciation post for the spouses.
         6) tagging each other on shared fb posts.

okay, I think 6 points are enough to express my thoughts. It's not that I'm jealous or what.. like, hello? we do have our own date? we do cook and prepare food and drinks for each other? we always go here and there together? we do have our own sweet moment? we do appreciate each other? and we do share fb post to each other?

but the only thing is, we did all that in private. between just the both of us. we feel like we have no need to go brag and announce that we love each other on the socmed. I believe people do know we love each other, even though we rarely post about each other, that's why we married each other!

one question ; who's the odd couple? them or us?

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